About Bullard Roofing

since 1955


My name is Brandon Bullard and I am a 3rd generation roofer. Roofing is literally in my blood! My grandfather roofed his entire adult life and raised a family of 9 children and at some point they all helped him roof.

My father started the roofing business right out of the military. He graduated High School, served 2 years in the Army, did a one year tour in Vietnam, came home and did what he knew best. A roofers hours are long, cold in the Winter and hot in the summer.

I went to work with my father at an early age, getting out early and working until dark. I vowed that then that I would never be a roofer but somehow it grew on me. I became to realize that I enjoyed being my own boss and working with people. Roofing is something that I could not deny. Yes, I agree it was in my blood.

I take pride in the Legacy that my grandfather and father have established and to carry on the Bullard name in the Roofing Industry. The many years of helping my father has taught me most importantly to always treat the customers home as if it were my own and stand behind my word
to the customer.

Its rewarding to work hard, stand back and be proud of another “Job well done”.

Although I had helped my father roof my entire life, I never understood the commitment and dedication that it took to run a business until he retired and I took over the responsibilities. Now I take my two sons with me whenever I can and hope to teach them the importance of honest hard work and the honor of carrying on the family name and legacy.